Meet the CEO

Jasaune Alfred-El

When the non-profit organization I had been working for and dedicating my life to for over 10 years lost its funding I was devastated. The Male Involvement Program (M.I.P.) was developed to help men become better and be accountable in the lives of their families, their children and their communities as a whole. M.I.P. also helped participants gain access to economic opportunities through employment assistance. After the program ended I decided to start a moving company to employ and promote self-sufficiency and male responsibility and keep the legacy and impact of M.I.P. going! Win win! Smoove Moves not only provides employment opportunities with no discrimination of race, gender, or religious affiliation, it is also a company that stands firm in its charity practices. Smoove Moves donates to Howard Brown Health, Chicago Public Schools, and is a proud supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness.